About Us

Our company’s name is NAP KONSULT Ltd. Our company consists of wood production for the garden and leisure; packaging plant of coal and briquettes and logistics and transportation mainly for the Scandinavian market. Main office and logistic department are located in Tallinn, while other operations  near Haapsalu, approximately 100 km from Tallinn.

The business owner who came from Sweden, have developed the enterprise since Estonia regained its independence.

During these years we have experienced both positive and negative changes that we used for our further development. Operations are carried out in our own factories and have over the years expanded as needed.

Our biggest export markets are the Scandinavian countries, Sweden in particular, but also other European countries such as Germany, Holland and United Kingdom.

Our purpose is efficient, reliable and environment-friendly product development and manufacturing, and the packaging and distributing of the products to our customers.

We strive for being a company with modern and effective means of production, skilled and competent personnel who produces efficiently high quality products and services. The packaging materials used are polyetylen and paper that may be burned without harmful impact on the environment.

All decisions are made taking into account the interests of the environment.

Like everybody, we wish to live on a green and healthy planet